About Us

Our Story


My name is Li Yan and

I’m the founder of Mum N Kids.

I’m a proud mum of 2 Kids.

I’ve always loved art and have been painting and doing art crafts.

While living in France, I discovered


and found how amazing this experience was for my daughter, how art makes learning fun and a wonderful learning environment for her. That’s why, I decided to bring this

Art Program to Malaysia, the first in Asia.

LA PETITE ACADEMIE uses artwork of different artist over the world to teach children different techniques. Children can explore a variety of art medium for their creations.


Our dedicated team look forward to meeting you and your child soon,


Li Yan

Mission and Values

Our goal is to guide, nurture and support the development of children’s full potential through art, helping build confidence,

problem solving skills, and social skills. 

We believe that every child is unique, and we inspire children to foster creativity and imagination through art, while they learn and grow.

We inspire to instill character building in each and every child, emphasizing on values like discipline, responsibility, initiative, respect for others, gratitude, care and love.

Why Art?

Art helps us to connect to our senses, body, and mind, allowing us to cherish intuition, uncertainty and creativity.


Children can also build friendships and nurture their social skills while making art with their fellow classmates. 


Art always brings about focus, insight and certain discipline. 


Art brings comfort, hope, inspiration, joy and perspective.


Art can spur thinking and encourage us to search constantly for new ides, to think out of the box, and find unconventional ways of approaching challenges, putting things into actions.


Art covers a big arena of activities and children can use all sorts of materials and art mediums to explore and create art.


Art can help a child gain confidence, independence and self-esteem through the choices they made.



Our cozy environment

We want to provide a cozy environment that is conducive to playing and learning. We want the children to relax and to feel like home.

The Foam padded mats and natural lights give a warm and comfy touch while the

outdoor play area is the best place for all sorts of messy play, obstacles walk, gardening and more!   

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163 Retail Park 3F-01
Mont Kiara, 50480 KL

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