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Good to  Know!!

Age                 18 months to 4 years old

Teacher Ratio     1 : 4

Class Size          8 to 12

Class Time         9.15 am to 1.00 pm

Class Days         Monday to Friday

Course Duration  Term or Ad hoc Basis

Options             Drop off and holiday

                       program available

Day Care           1.00 pm to 3.00 pm



Toddler Preschool

Our Toddler Playgroup Program nurtures your child with creativity, self-expression, and social interaction skills. 

We position ourselves as a platform to prepare our toddlers for independence before they start the BIG school.

In our classes, we keep our teacher-to-student ratio small, so your child can receive the attention they need and deserve.

Your child will explore all sorts of activities through

fun play and pick up skills

that are crucial for their next milestones.

These include healthy expression of emotions, enhanced motor skills, greater concentration, enhanced self-esteem, healthy social skills, and cognitive problem solving skills. 

Our program allow your child to engage with hands-on art projects, open ended activities, nursery rhymes,

story time, outdoor play and more!

Health Breakfast and Lunch are

also part of our program!

Toddler Playing

Love Class

18 months to 30 months

Giving our fullest love, care and attention to the group of explorers who are overcoming separation anxiety, picking up basic communication and expression skills, fine and gross motor skills, achieving cognitive and emotional milestones.

We aim to help our little explorers gain confidence and feel secure so that they can enjoy learning and growing. 

Raising Arms

Faith Class

30 months to 48 months

Faith Class is about believing our toddlers are all unique individuals borne to succeed and excel in their own ways. We aim to expose the toddlers to social interaction, guiding them to follow instructions, to be responsible and aware of their behavior and to gain self-help skills.

We incorporate activities related to art, practical life skills, language, math, science and environmental to promote growth and learning experiences.