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Program Schedule

July 2019

Holiday Program for month of July and August. Adult Cubhouse. 
Toddler play group from 930 am to 12 pm

Monday to Friday

0930 am to 1230 pm

Toddler Playgroup

Your Toddler will be in our kidzone playing and learning new things. Here, they explore and discover plenty of new experiences form role play to outdoor, art and craft to messy play and a wide range of activities for them to engage with.

Option of 5 days a week or 3 days a week.

Trimester or Annual Sign up.

Monday to Friday 
2pm to 4pm

Mandarin Discovery

Your child expose and discover a new language while engaging in a series of activities.

330pm to 530pm

Art and Drama

Artwork of famous artists in France and over the world are used to teach about the culture and history of different centuries and countries. Each Art work has a "passport" where we explain its origins, its concept and a story to the children in a fun and meaningful way.

Thereafter we will teach the children how to create their own artwork based on these famous creations.

Our Drama class is where your imagination runs. You create your own emotions and expression to make the play exciting. Fun Activities to stimulate your self confidence and creativity. 

2 hours per session, once per week.

Trimester or Annual Sign up.

Monday to Friday
Half Day 930 am  to 1230 pm
or 2pm to 5pm

Holiday Program

Half Day Holiday Program, Refer to our blog for details.

Starts 1st July 2019.

Center Ready for visit 22nd June 2019.

Monday to Friday
Full Day 930 am to 5pm

Holiday Program

Full Day Holiday Program. Refer to our blog for details.

Starts 1st July 2019.

Center ready for visit 22nd June 2019.

Holiday Program
3 hours

Wonder Day

3 hours of wonder day for art and craft , drama and culture.

Starts 1st July 2019.

Center ready for visit 22nd June 2019.

Saturday and Sunday
2 hours session of wonder for your birthday

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your special day with us and have a memorable day with your family and friends.

Sign up Now. While places lasts.