You will have 4 sessions of Sketch and Paint.

You will have to source for your material before you can commence the class.

We will send you an email for you to choose your subjects and also a list of supplies that you have to prepare for your classes. 

Please ensure you have all your supplies before you join the class. 

1)canvas or 250gsm brown paper

2)paint brushes( Flat size 10/11, Filbert size 8/9, Rigger)

3)poster colours

4)Soft pastels if you are using brown paper. Canvas painting do not need soft pastels.

5) Pencil and eraser

6) Easels(  optional) 

Classes conducted via Zoom or Microsoft Team.

An email will be sent for you to choose your date and slot for your sessions after you had made the payment.



我们会以 zoom 或 Microsoft Team 的方式来教课。




2)绘画纸250gsm 厚度








4 sessions Sketch and Paint (without material)

  • Non-refundable Policy.

    You are advised to use all your sessions purchased.

    You may reschedule your booking 3 days in advance.

    Missed session without warning in advance will be considered as session used.

    Reschedule of bookings only allowed for

    1) sculpture and

    2) painting activities.

    This is because the materials sent for Art and Craft are customized for each project and cannot be interchangeable.

    Materials will be sent to the delivery address you had provided.

    Materials are packed according to the activities.

    Please make sure you log in on time for the online classes.

    NO compensation sessions if you are late.

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