Online workshop for schools or groups



Choose a theme that suits the curriculum and interest of your class

1.5 hours of Interactive Fun

A session coupled with games, quizzes, activities and fun! Maximum group size 23



Choose from sculpture, canvas painting, craft, slime making or science experiments!

Each child have their Art Pack!

Each child shall receive their art pack of materials and paints, ready to become a little artist!

Our Theme!


Get into your vehicle of adventures and explore your horizon!

Mountains and Glaciers
Climate and Settlements!

Let's tour the world and find out their climate and how it affect their houses and how they live!

Image by Hans-Jurgen Mager
World of Insects

Let's Visit the insects world and learn about their habitat!

Black and Yellow Spider
World of Animals

Exploring the world of Animals and appreciate their beauty

Cows in Pasture
World of Marine

Let's dive underwater and explore the marine creatures!

Pack of Barracudas
Nature and Science

The marvel of Nature and how science makes it all!